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The belief that all Latinos in the U.S.A are Mexican.
Me getting off the phone: Si, te quiero, bye.

Whiter than Albino friend Tiffany: Hey I didn't know you are Mexican!

Me: Well, actually, I'm Latino.

Tiffany: Hey Ashley, did you know she was Mexican?

Ashley: You're Mexican?

Me: Not all Latino's are Mexican. My family is from-

Phil: Wow! How did you get across the border? Can you speak Spanish? Hey Steve! She's a Mexican immigrant!

Steve: An illegal Mexican immigrant! Dude! Jerry's uncle is a cop! You shouldn't be telling people that.

Me: I am totally an illegal Mexican immigrant! I just got out of cage where ICE kept me and my 7 brothers and sisters: Juan, Juan-Diego, Juanita, Juanpango, Juan jr. Juan Sr. and Juan-de La Rosa, and now I spend my days running from border patrol.

All: Wow!

Me: Yall and your Latino Grouping. I'm glad we have Affirmative Action and I get to beat all of you to college.
by I'm not MEXICAN! July 09, 2018
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