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Rap from the Latino community has been around since rap's beginnings, but it didn't break into the pop mainstream until much later. The twin successes of Mellow Man Ace's "Mentirosa" and Kid Frost's "La Raza" in 1990 brought Latin Rap hallmarks, rapping in multilingual "Spanglish," Latin rhythms, and images of urban Latino lifestyles, to the pop charts. Mellow Man Ace's brother, Sen Dog, is a founding member of the most famous Latino rap act, Cypress Hill.
Latin Rap: Cypress Hill, B-Real, Sen Dog, Delinquent Habits, A Lighter Shade Of Brown, JV, Immortal Technique, Kurious, Omar Cruz, El Vuh, Tony Touch, Malverde, Pitbull, Termanology, Tres Coronas, Chino XL, Crooked Stilo, Pescozada, Reyes Del Bajo Mundo, N.O.R.E., Fat Joe, Terror Squad, Lil Cuete, Mr. Criminal, Mr. Shadow, Ese Menace, Ese Daz, Lil Rob, DeiT, Brownside, Don Cisco, T-Weaponz, Califa Thugs, SieteNueve, Soul Assassins, Psycho Realm, Sick Jacken, Kinto Sol, Krazy Race, La Coka Nostra, Down Aka Kilo, Lo Boy, Rico Pabon, Dido Brown, JenRO, Bori Puro, Young Sicc, Latin Alliance, Stunta, DarkRoom Familia, Aztlan Underground, Mr. Capone-E, Pedro Mo, Mellow Man Ace, Baby Bash, Frankie Cutlass, Control Machete, Sinful Aka El Pecador, Johnny J, Toxic Crow, Taje, Don Cisco, Cali Life Style, Juan Gotti, Kid Frost, Latino Velvet, and Orishas.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ April 20, 2010
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