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Latin Devil - lat-n dev-uh l - noun. A handsome Latino male with at least one advanced degree. This smooth creature knows he is a part of an endangered breed and is thus hard to nail down. He likes to run with other Latin Devils, run away from commitment, and run thru as many sucias as possible. Although Latin Devils are known to become CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, and professionals, be careful ladies...they are equally notorious for prenuptial agreements, an aversion to marriage, infidelity and trophy wives.
Did you know that as mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa was married but still tapping some news anchor!? Fuckin Latin Devils, man.

Why is it that Latina women have to choose between street thugs and Latin Devils. What the hell!?! Cant we find some middle ground here!?

OMG he is a hot 27 year old attorney. I'll sign whatever prenup his Latin Devil ass puts in front of me!
by Senia AlvHouston February 04, 2010
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