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An occasionally crappy, but sometimes beast place for nerds to chill with other nerds and talk about the excitement of latin. The only other reason anyone would ever be in the club is if they are too weak to stand up to Mr. Lehmann's power of persuasion, which has 100% chance of taking over all choices you ever make. The nerds are split into categories, some of which are lame-ass, like all the Greek categories, and some of which are bad-ass, like Latin Lit. & Reading Comp. But it can also be a waste of time if you just wanna be fly and hang out in the playground held by the alternative school-kids, beacuse as soon as you join the club, not going to a single meeting can ruin your standing with the Lehmanator. But even if you think you are all that and a bag of chips, and that you can withstand the hour-long meeting, beware of the Chu-nouncements, normally about three announcements max but said in intervals of 15-40 minutes. And then, you must survive your annoying category brotheren, doomed to spend almost an eternity with them, like riding a never-ending busride with them to Dallas or sharing a hotelroom with them. And besides the fact that you are assigned homework and have to turn in a notebook to be read by Latin "Officers" and to be graded and used as blackmail against you, Latin Club is not all that bad. Sometimes.
Latin Officer: "Hey I didnt see you at the latin club last wednesday."
Latin n00b: "hells yah, i was chillin' with ashley out by the alternative school smoking pot. nah bruh, we aint smoking shit, but we were quite chill."
Latin Officer: "This is going on your Latin perma-record. Soon you will be socially rejected by all in latin club!"
Latin n00b: "not if i give 'em pot."
Latin Officer: "Well.... you'll still only get a 2 on your latin notebook for this week."
Latin n00b: "shit man! i'll be socially rejected by all in latin club!"
Latin Officer: "Don't let it happen again!"
by maia's boyfriend <33 March 18, 2009
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