AKA "Day late & a dollar short", when one finally arrives on the scene of an event that's already ending.

See "Sig AR15" on thefirearm blog.
Hey guys, did you hear? Sig Sauer is making an AR15!!

Wow, talk about late to the party. Now that the election rush is over, I can't give away my used Bushmaster... big deal.
by arfcomsux September 16, 2009
A person with an intellect just a tad lower than the rest of his friends so that they all notice and sometimes feel awkward about it without this person ever noticing it. Not on the slightly retarded spectrum but juuuuust barely noticeable in a casual conversation.
- ''Hey have you ever met John?''
- ''Nope.''
- ''Funny guy you'll see!''
- ''What do you mean?''
- ''He's a little late to the party.''
by ashindig December 2, 2011
A midnight orgy where people bring friends with benefits, have kush and taking shots
Hey girl are you tryna go to a late night pool party with me? Let’s get drunk and fuck some girls at a late night pool party Man!

Whose tryna get high with a lot of girls tonight at the late night pool party?
by NaughtyOrgys February 26, 2020