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A bird that usually tends to fly in a flock of twelve.
Usually, Late Birds enjoy going bowling, dancing to Wii dance, escaping on beach trips, and playing telephone pictionary.
God only knows...really, only Him... what else the Late Birds will think of taking up next as a lifestyle.
One thing that is for CERTAIN. Late Birds look out for each other, and if one Late Bird needs another, the whole flock will fly to their same-feathered friend.
Take heed: Late Birds mean business and love all others at the same time.
The Late Bird flew to school, and all the while was thinking about its fellow feathered kin. However, they knew that later that night, during their Late Bird weekly meeting, that the longing of wanting to be in the presence of other Late Birds would be fulfilled and they all (together) would have a grand time and do what Late Birds do best... be awesome. :
by DanIsLieuda!!! November 03, 2010
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