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A character of the creation of horror author Darren Shan. Larten is the main, title character of The Saga of Larten Crepsley & is one of the main characters in The Saga of Darren Shan.

Born in 1794, Larten worked in a silk factory until his cousin Vur Horston was murdered. In inexplicable anger he then killed the culprit & escaped from a mob into a crypt, where he met vampire Seba Nile. Seba offered him a chance to become his human assistant. Larten accepted & traveled with Seba, learning the ways of the vampire clan. During the vampire council in 1812 Seba left Larten with the Cirque Du Freak. One day he ended up in a town where he met a boy called Wester Flack, whose family had been killed by a Vampaneze. Wester then became Seba's assistant. Larten eventually became a full vampire at the age of 25. Larten had a rather jumbled life, involving lots of battles (& scars to prove it), & unexpected betrayal. Larten had been offered the post of Vampire Prince but in light of Wester's betrayal, he turned down the offer & went to stay with the Cirque du Freak.There he met Darren, who he blooded as a half-vampire & went on quite a few adventures with. In fact they fought a war together.
Larten died in 1998, aged 204 when he was killed because the evil Vampaneze lord pushed him off a high platform onto burning stakes.
If you want to find out the full story i would recommend you read the books: The Saga Of Darren Shan & The Saga of Larten Crepsley.
Larten Crepsley is how a REAL, PROPER vampire should be, not like that gay twat Edward Cullen. With respect to Stephanie Meyer, she cant be blamed for having an imagination (which is admittedly more than most people have) but to take vampires to that level is just WRONG. Sorry Steph.
by Reece Bucks December 29, 2013
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