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(Lame + Hard Rock) A new genre of music associated to bands that have a hard rock sound, yet have pussified lyrics and tones. It's always disguised as hard rock music and then the singer turns it into a puddle of diarrhea. Sometimes, it's just terrible rock music to begin with. Often confused with emo related music.
A Conversation Between Two Naive Rock Fans

Charlie: Wow, I've been listening to some new Lard Rock on Z-100. It's amazing!

Tom: Yeah, those two Nickelback songs "Someday" and "How You Remind Me" sound nothing alike!


Tom: YEAH!!!!!! Put in some Limp Bizkit and let's ROCK!!! Girls love them!!

Nickelback, Creed, Godsmack, Fuel, Staind, Puddle Of Mudd, Cold, Linkin Park, Limp get the picture.
by Ben Jammin Ash September 08, 2006
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