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(n.) most explicit rave party where STDs flow as fast as the roofied drinks. Dry humping on tables, party rockin, and hovering creeps with terets are typical. On lucky nights the gangsta herps come out to play.
I heard that the Gansta Herps closed down lani kai last night.. they outta control--SB12
by Gagsta Herp March 21, 2012
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She is smart funny and kind. She is the top of the class. She is always honest and helpful. She volunteers for anything. She is very hot but doesn't acknowledge it. She is beautiful. All the boys would love to hang out with her, but normally she just thinks of them as friendsShe is hard to get but if you do, don't let her go because she is one of a kind. She is artistic, athletic, and most of her friends are boys. She is the kind of girl that would come when everyone else left. She is tough and brave and an amazing girl. She is mysterious but is super cool and will not pay attention to people who are bad mouthing her. She has had a hard life and had been bullied a lot.
Do you see her?
Ya she's so hot
You should ask her out
No way, what if she says no
Lanikai will be nice about it
by Smartsavvyboy March 15, 2019
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