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A family name typically of Irish or Scottish heritage.

Lane-Sweeney's are interesting people in both good and bad ways. In fashion, they take bold risks that almost always fail, but they still have the confidence to post their horrid look on social media. In their personality, they mask their many insecurities behind a weak facade of confidence that will come tumbling down whenever the smallest criticism is directed their way. They are smart, but not the honor roll or honors program level of smarts. They love attacking social injustices but only because it makes them feel better about their own flaws. They tend to be prone to drug usage and alcoholism due to their low self-esteem. Many jokes will go straight over their heads, but when they get one, their horrid, spastic laughter will set anyone's nerves on edge. All-in-all, Lane-Sweeney's have many flaws and some mildly redeeming qualities.
Look, that boy is a Lane-Sweeney! I'd love to get to know him!
by BCEaglesTellItHowItIs October 30, 2018
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