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Lane floating is a sport created in the Cotswolds where you drive down a country lane in a low gear with the driver and all the passengers seated outside the vehicle (on window ledges or the roof).

This new sport is designed for the occupants of the vehicle to be able to socialise at slow speeds night or day on quiet lanes or narrow tracks; piloting the vehicle at low speeds from outside the car gives the impression you are floating down a canal (hence the name).

The art of this sport rests with the driver as they will have limited control while sat on the window ledge but passengers will be in charge of gear changing.

This sport is illegal in England which makes it a bit more interesting and should only be carried out by experienced drivers.
Dan and four friends sat on the window ledges of the car and began lane floating down "Calf Way".

As Dan was lane floating down "Green Farm Way" he was steering from above and letting the car roll.

As we drove down yonder we passed a group of people floating down the lane in a car.
by JeffeyFromYonder May 26, 2009
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