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The Lalani-Frank conjecture is an economic theory that states that the potential for charitable actions is directly correlated to the amount of sex had.

In the spirit of Lil Wayne:

"Pussy, Money, {Altruism}"
(Two fine, young, upstanding bros are drinking coffee in the office lounge on Monday morning)

Person 1: Yo bro, did you get it in this weekend?

Person 2: Yeah bro, and I feel that, as a direct result of the aforementioned intercourse, my marginal productivity has increased exponentially.

Person 1: What are you gonna do with all the extra funds coming your way?

Person 2: I'm going to help some structurally oppressed individuals, y'feel me?

Person 1: Damn, you're living that Lalani-Frank Conjecture.
by Dr. Balfour Rohan Oglethorpe October 09, 2011
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