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Like Lake Region High School LRMS is located in Naples, Maine. Here at the middle school you can find a whole variety of kids such as; furries, hoes, rednecks, speds, Juul gangs and of course the infamous Juice Cult. You may be asking yourself wtf is a Juice Cult? Well, the Juice Cult is comprised of mostly kids from 8th grade Kineo. This cult has been taken over by the furries and weirdos but fun fact, it will be in the 2019 yearbook ;) These weirdos stand in a circle with a juice box in the middle and chant "JUICE" nonstop. If you're lucky when you walk into the bathroom you could run into what I like to call a Juul gang. These "juul gangs" are notorious for standing in a circle in the bathroom like idiots passing around a vape. LRMS is also home to the obnoxious kids who decide that it's a good idea to carry a speaker and blast music everywhere they go. LRMS also houses all the hoes who decide its a good idea to kick start their own scoliosis by breaking their back anytime they're around a guy. Also 99.9% of the time you can sow up wearing pretty much nothing because these crazy feminists killed our dress code. After reading this I'm positive that you're most likely praying that you will never have to attend this monstrosity of a school. For some reason we get new kids every two days and they change the grading system every 2 seconds just to give ya a little scare. To sum this up, LRMS is not the place to be idek why I go here tbh. ~~~ 8th grade Kineo student, year 2019
Guy 1- Yo, you see that girl over there? She's got a nice ass!
Guy 2- Nah bro look at her back, I bet she went to Lake Region Middle School
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by mmmrrr May 21, 2019
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