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The greatest place to be in Connecticut during the summer. If you need a summer job you have a 95% chance of getting one here. Working here is one of the greatest experiences ever if you love working outside and you are a people person with A LOT of patience. Rides is the greatest department...and one of the main reasons why we have guests. If you are like will live at this place and this place will be one of the only things in your life that makes you happy.
Young girl goes to Lake Compounce Family Amusement Theme Park her entire life...Goal for when she grows up: to work at Lake Compounce. She gets a job there when she is 16, becomes overly obsessed and wants her ashes blown over the lake after she passes away and gets cremated.

Employee becomes overly obsessed with the Lake that she actually creeps her coworkers out and her manager cracks jokes.
by sammic0306 March 09, 2011
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