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High School located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where you can purchase drugs nearly everywhere and while taking a shit, you can read one of three things on the bathroom stalls: a phonebook with skanks numbers on it, artistic drawings of Marijuana leaves, and/or anti semetic students voicing their opinions by sketching swastikas. Lahser is seen by many as a wealthy school because of the area that it is located in, but that is not completely true. The Bloomfield Hills School District has decided over the past few years to spend its funds on places other than Lahser, the district's most populated school. It is also seen as an extremely safe environment, until October 3, 2006, when an african american man attempted to steal a students car by pointing a hand gun at him. One question: Doesn't Lahser have a parking lot attendant that is being paid to watch the parking lot? Lahser is filled, with both staff and students, who only look forward to getting fucked up on the weekends and who don't give a shit about the school week. Lahser needs to be demolished, rebuilt, and certain faculty members should be forced to retire.
Yolanda: Who is the best teacher at Lahser High School?
Marniqua: Mr.Blair, cuz i knew more about chemistry before the class than he did.
by Harold Dick October 04, 2006
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