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(v.) 1. A sexual act involving oral sex. The person performing falatio or cunnilingus wears a glow-in-the dark dildo on their head, so this must be performed in the dark. (note: the dildo may be removed and used on the recipient if so desired, but must be put back on the head when finished) A Laguna Sunrise is seen when the person performing oral sex emerges from the genital region wearing the dildo on their head.

(n.) 2. An instrumental song by Black Sabbath on their 1972 album "Vol. 4"
"Tony, you have to keep the dildo on your head! Otherwise it's not a Laguna Sunrise!"

"She loved it when a guy would do a Laguna Sunrise. She thought it was so romantic."
by My psuedonym is... June 16, 2013
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