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1. French for modified Vegetables. Mostly used as a insult.
2. a offensive term for someone
3. a complement for someone
4. a way to describe something
5. a ferocious animal scientific name is known as the Lagoonis cuntis and has been observed very rarely and at one point was thought extinct. but, in China the scientists have revealed 4 in their care. It is a omnivore and generally is a violent being that is also, quiet lazy.
6. A fb page was found with the name
1. you are all laying here like lagoon cunts
2. you are a lagoon cunt!
3. hey lagoon cunt
4. you are looking very lagoon cunt today
5. ahhh the Lagoonis Cuntis is eating someone's fist
6. Lagoon cunt is great
by betterthantape December 31, 2012
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