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1. The nickname for the nickname of an ugly, tallentless, incredibly stupid, brazenly socialist skank who mixes tunes.

She supports the communist Peoples Republic of China and their military supports her by playing her music when they do their exercises.

She's twitter homies with Senator Harry Reid, another staunch leftist devoted to the destruction of the U.S. and the imposing of one world socialist dictatorship.

2. What you call a whore who makes you physically sick with her stunts for attention.
3. Name for ugly sluts who claim that mixing songs is an excuse to use drugs
4. Woman who says she wants to be celibate because she’s afraid of people stealing her creativity “through her vagina,” and then sleeps with every man, woman and child with Lennon glasses and knitted hats.
Lady Gagme went completely bat sh*t when she tweeted this to Harry Reid, “God Bless and Thank you @HarryReid, from all of us, like u, who believe in equality and the dream of this country. We were #BORNTHISWAY.”

Apparently, Lady Gagme didn't get the memo that there is no gay gene.
by mutosheep March 16, 2011
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a nickname for lady gaga, especially one that haters use. also used jokingly.
p1: "did you hear lovegame by lady gaga?
p2: "don't you mean lady gagme?"
p1: "oh yeah"
by zoegirlrox June 12, 2009
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