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Adjective - Is a genre of party. To complete a 'Lady Fitch' you must be able to drink at least 25 standard drinks in 2 hours. You must be able to take copious amounts of ketamine and other illegal substances, and not pass out until the afternoon following. To complete a true Lady Fitch, you must only have green in your wallet, and own an item of clothing which was once able to run along the ground. A 'Lady Fitch' strives for the highest of elegance, and class, and has a heart of gold. To demonstrate a worthy 'Lady Fitch' you must represent gaunt, pale, and purity and sophistication. However it is said to be very hard to demonstrate a real-Lady-Fitch and is not something which can be merely switched on, but is refined by those who strive for the highest level of exquisiteness. Someone who is at the height of a 'Lady Fitch' is someone who has reached the highest level of grace, and beauty known to man-kind.
" Hey Tim, were totz going to go and do a Lady Fitch Tonight "

" If only I could not pass out before 11am, I could say I've done a 'lady fitch' "

" I've heard to do a 'Lady Fitch' is the hardest disco move in the world "

" Have you heard of that new style of partying 'Lady Fitch'? "

" Louis gave me enough k last night that I almost did a 'Lady Fitch! "
by La-Disco. September 20, 2009
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