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Lachlan and Ella are the best couple ever. They may be on and off at times but they always find each other in the end. They’ll be together till the end of time. They’re literally couple goals! They are able to show how to be respectful to one another and they’ll constantly show their love. Everyone is jealous of them. Not because they want to be with either Lachlan or Ella, but because they want to have the sort of relationship as them! Ella sometimes has mental breakdowns and her life seems to be a total mess at times, but Lachlan is always there for her and will comfort her when she needs! Lachlan is a lot more calm and collected than Ella but at times he falters too, Ella is always there for him no matter what! Their love is endless! Lachlan and Ella are also best friends! Even in one of their “off” periods, they’ll be the best friends ever!
Friend no. 1: oooh who are they! They are SOOO cute together! They HAVE to be Lachlan and Ella!
Friend no. 2: how’d you guess?! That’s Lachlan and Ella! They’re the best couple at school! Everyone is jealous of their relationship!
Friend no. 1: I knew because Lachlan and Ella are couple GOALS! So they just HAD to be Lachlan and Ella!
by Foxxxxxxx June 22, 2018
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