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The lead singer of the christian-rock group Flyeaf. As a child, Lacey suffered from severe depression, and got into drugs. She moved out of her mother's small house into her grandparents' larger one, where she realized that neither having money nor being poor made her happy. She contemplated suicide, but shortly after, her grandmother dragged her to their local church, where the preacher told her that God could save her, and take away her pain. She agreed to try it out. Lacey also had a throat tumor, and after praying to God, the tumor misteriously disappeared, something her doctors could never explain. With her renewed faith, Lacey and a few other musicians started the band Flyleaf, which came out with their self-titled debut album in 2005. It rocks, but they're basically living off of it and really need to come out with some new stuff.
Lacey Mosely was saved by God, but her music is still freaking amazing!
by caoimhin92 July 01, 2008
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