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A phrase commonly used by the easiest people to label.

basically means "people don't need labels"
Me: your so scene.
Clearly scene person: labels are for soup cans.
Me: well you keep telling yourself that you scene son of a bitch.
Clearly scene person: whatever your just jealous of me.
Me*in a sarcastic voice*: I sure am!
by foshiznizzle March 18, 2008
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And for music, movies, comic books/graphic novels, weapons, etc. Seriously, this phrase is bullshit. We need labels, it is part of the marketing industry. Every piece of clothing you own, every cd, or everything you own (in general) is made by somebody. It was made to sell to you. The labels are there to make it easier to sell stuff. For example, you wouldn't sell a video game to an amish person would you? no, that is not their intended audience. Their intended audience are "gamers." Gamers is a label. You wouldn't sell a heavy metal cd to a gangsta would you? no, you would sell it to a metalhead or somebody that listens to metal.
The phrase "Labels are for soup cans" is bullshit.
by motorXhead October 01, 2010
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