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1. (Noun) A well-known chant of New York Mets fans in a futile attempt to disrupt Atlanta Braves slugger Chipper Jones at the plate.

2. (Verb) The act of performing such a chant.

*The chant was derived from Chipper's real name, Larry, as the taunt mocks how Chipper is known to most fans as "Chipper", not "Larry". Unbeknownst to them, however, he goes by Larry in the clubhouse.
1. The "Laaaarrrrrrrry!" chant was heard throughout Shea Stadium, and was promptly cut off when Chipper launched a three-run homer over the left field wall.

2. The Mets fans Laaaarrrrrrrried and Laaaarrrrrrrried, but they couldn't stop Chipper from going four-for-four with a pair of homers.
by Jimmy Alessandro April 21, 2004
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