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La Cusine did the best pizzas in Bristol Town, the 16 inch Le Pepperoni, mix grill, the mexican, charquteri or the legendary grease-galore Meat feast. So many memories the friendly staff, the random pictures of dogs and motorcycles on the wall and most importantly the cheapest prices. Now though; the shutters have been down for a year or two, thus Bristolians depair at the demise of La Cusine: Our take away you can never fully take away from our hearts... now I'm off to cry allover a shitty Mccain's Microwavable Pizza.
Nick- Remember that delicious Pizzaria - La Cusine?

Ben- Of course! I'm not a Lobotomized Sausage Muncher.

Nick- Well some say..They saw smoke rising from the chimneys. The factory was back in business! But not a single person has been seen going into La Cusine, or coming out of it! I think it's oompa loompas or illegal imigrant workers.

Ben- Keep dreaming La Cusine is no more. Besides oompa loompas are extinct while imigrants are smelted down and turned into WD40 & kebab meat.

Nick- You make an interesting point, but please leave my bathroom I need to shave my legs.

Ben- No.

Nick- Yes.

Ben- ok
by tmeucci June 26, 2011
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