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The most beautiful woman anyone can meet. She is a hard-working lady. Very funny. Can also cook some good food. She's a good person. Sometimes don't get on her bad side. She also stay on fleek.
by Iyanna pika January 01, 2018
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A girl (Scorpio) usually really pretty, funny, and kinda of a freak. LaKeisha's are kinda hard to find but when you do you would really want to be her friend. She has a big heart with a big boobs and a booty. LaKeisha could be really sad or depressed but when you see her she will always put on a smile and will always try to not make people sad. LaKeisha usually is funny or serious but mostly funny. You can trust her with secrets but be careful on what you tell laKeisha's if you make them mad......just don't make them mad. LaKeisha is shy when you first meet her but when you becomes good friends with her she will talk a lot. LaKeisha always has "that" guy that she would always want to talk to 24/7. Seeing laKeisha cry means she's really sad and it's something you would want to wittness. But if you are something that makes her happy she would want to keep you forever.
Guy: wow who's that?
Guy2: who ?
Guy: that girl that looks fun and got a lil something
Girl: oh that's my friend Lakeisha she's amazing you should go meet her
by Shooken duck August 27, 2017
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That extra little girl who swear her hair real she real petty and makes everyone laugh
You know that lil extra girl Lakeisha?
by That Slime boii March 30, 2017
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