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The City of La Habra Heights is located within
the eastern portion of Los Angeles County within
the geographic center of the greater Los
Angeles metropolitan area. Even though the
community is located within the second largest
urban population center in the United States,
the topography and setting contributes to the
City’s rural character. Compared to other
communities located in Southern California,
there are few areas located further from the
regional freeway network.
The City, with just over 6 square miles in total
land area, is a community of singular natural
beauty. The views of the local hills and the
abundant open space lands, with their trees,
shrubs, grasslands and thriving wildlife, stand in
sharp contrast to the dense suburban
development found within the neighboring cities.
Maintaining that contrast, and protecting the
City’s natural and rural environment, is a major
focus of this General Plan. it is a rich neighborhood and it is possible to live there for years and never see your neighbors
i live in the rich part of la habra, its called la habra heights
by dawnie dice August 25, 2009
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