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The act of aggressively pulling a woman's hair and wrapping it around the erect penis. One must then have sex with the hair until the male ejaculates in the woman's hair. The woman must then lather the the seamen in her hair as she would with shampoo. After the the lathering, the woman must get on her knees as you "rinse" her off by urinating on her head.

TIP- "rinsing" her off my be challenging with an erect penis, so this technique my take practice to perfect.

Also avoid eating asparagus 24 hours before performing La Ducharme for maximum partner satisfaction.
Last night was perfect because after playing halo and drinking nattys with the bros, this girl I met at a party came to my house and I gave her a La Ducharme right before I called her a cab home the next morning.
by Lax Monster April 23, 2011
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