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Used to express "what you are doing at the moment" - can be a state of mind- doing everything but what you should be doing, procrastination.
She was expected at the church bizzare to help set up tabels, but instead,she did the "la dee dah" ; she rearrangend the knick knacks on her dresser, cleaned the mirror in the bathroom, checked e-mail, and moved a table lamp from one side of the table to another....
by tlester May 01, 2009
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la'dee'dah , A fun and french sounding euphemism for โ€œmaking whoopee.โ€ A family term that's safe and vague enough yet understood that its a romantic time for adults.
Let's fast forward or skip through this part of the movie, I thinks it's gettin' to the part for la'dee'dah.
by granolathug March 20, 2017
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