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Lights Off Pants Off Dance Off.

p.s. what else do you want ya derp. get a freakin life.
guy 1: dude yer girl is pretty wild... but u sure she can handle LOPODO?

guy 2: sure thang bro, she even did 69 on me and she was the one supporting me xD haha ironic isn't it

but shes not disgustingly buff, but she's insanely hawt and runs like an engine of a car.. 80mph is how fast we fuck each other. funny aint it cuz she thinks im scared of cummin but feels soo good i just gotta yell "DON'T STOP YO KEEP ME POUNDING YOU DIRTY HOE"

and she just slows down, den she just wobbles round my stick bro. then at the end, before im bout to release mah juice, she-

dude 2: Kay kay you nasty fucker TMI TMI don't ya kno the rules gawd damn -0-
by Chewbawuba November 04, 2011
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