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The L98 A1 cadet gp rifle is not a scaled down version of the army's SA80 it is an SA80. Its has exactly the same dimentions. SA80 was a weapons programme, small arms for the 80's.

The L98A1 is simply a L85, or SA80 as it is commonly known, with the gas parts and change leaver removed and a cocking arm fitted.

It fires the standard nato 5.56mm round and holds 30, the same as the army, in a curved magazine.
L98A1 Cadet GP rifle. simple.
by Jim Wilson September 21, 2005
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The L98A1 Cadet general purpose rifle is the standard bolt action fire arm of British cadet forces. It is design based on the L85A1 (the individual weapon version of the SA80 system). Fires 5.56mm Nato standard Ammunition. Has a muzzle velocity of 940m/s. It is destinguishable from the L85A1 (and A2) by the larger cocking lever and the lack of a flach suppressor and gas parts. very reliable and accurate.
L98a1 cadet gp rifle bolt action rifle. in service with the army cadet force and air training and sea cadet corps'
by Vincent Coombs January 24, 2006
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army cadet force version of the SA 80. This weapon is almost identical to the SA 80, the only differences being that the gas parts have been removed making this a bolt action fire arm. there is a larger cocking handle on this rifle also.
by Stephen Metcalfe October 31, 2003
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General Purpose (Hence GP) rifle used by cadets. This is a scaled down version of the British Army's SA80, except the gas parts have been removed, a larger bolt action cocking handle has been fitted and the magazines hold 30 rounds instead of the Army's 25. It uses 5.56mm rounds, and can only be used from the right shoulder.
Can you really think of an example for this? I can't. Ive explained it all up there.
by Zak Smith July 18, 2005
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