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Kyra and Kelsie (more commonly noted as Kyra & Kelsie) are two best friends (always girls) who look almost exactly alike. They're personalities, though very similar, are still different. These two girls are like sisters, and have the same tastes in everything. Very attractive, gorgeous voices, smart, and loud are some of the traits they share. They also have the same tastes in boys and/or girls, which could cause problems to the relationship. Then again, when a Kyra & Kelsie friendship get into a fight, they work it out in under a day. These two girls are great, so if you know a Kyra & Kelsie pair, don't let them get away.
Girl 1: Did you see those two girls over there? I wish I could have friendships like that.
Girl 2: They must be Kyra & Kelsie.
by lulzwut? May 02, 2010
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