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Someone whos smart enough to remember most numbers automatically but dumb enough to carry his wallet and social security card together in his wallet and leave them everywhere...

A Kyo Miyagi is a conundrum, someones who cant stand being on the edge of a 2nd floor parking garage but wants to jump out of a plane. If you're a Kyo you have black/brown hair, a goofy grin, and gorgeous eyes. You'd spend roughly 85% of your car time playing air guitar to A7x. You don't give a shit what people think minus a very select few. You add HOT sauce to everything. You have a bad habit of punching when you're mad and going bulleyed. You wind up dramatically before you slap your gf's ass. Secretly you have invisible cat ears hiding in your hair somewhere. You kiss your love's nose. You are a thousand things at once while thinking of one idea. You write and play music better than anyone else i've seen. And you don't recognize your own worth. You'd have to be amazing and completely clueless at the same time <3 You'd be a Nautical Star. If you are all that THEN you're a Kyo and if you're lucky a Miyagi :P

P.S. FUCK ALL YOU SHITTALKERS, Stay Inside Tonight- You're out there all alone.
*pours marinara, alfredo, and hot sauce on pasta*
Oh God you're such a Kyo Miyagi...
by DancingDjinn July 16, 2011
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