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A short , brown/ black haired girl who has the most amazing eyes ive ever seen. she has a nice sized ass for a white girl and some amazing tits ;) she dates a lot of guys and flirts non stop but thats just who she is . she has some long hair that i wish she never ever cuts . she is very outgoing and hyper as can be but all her friends love her! she has many friends and lots of others who adore her. she has a huge extended family but is always loved. when she wants something, she knows how to get it and wont stop until she does. she is very determined. she loves the color pink and is such a girl . her smile brightens anyones day. when she walks in a room , you know youll have a story . she loves to talk all the time . she is very funny and she is very random . see, kylee ballards are not only amazing people , but they can be your best friend . they will definately stick up for you and will always have your back . no matter what happens , she'll always be there fr you and its hard for her to hold a grudge . she may seem like shes hating you , but on the inside , she loves you to peices . shes in love with all her friends and her phone . overall , Kylee Ballard is just the most awesomest person youll ever meet .
booty kylee ballard awesome hyper funny sexy eyes hair white
by jk4756 October 24, 2011
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