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Kyle Don, he's one of a kind and beautifully amazing. He's the kind of guy that melts your heart into a little puddle you have to carry around in a jar. He is so wonderfully sweet and perfect for one special girl. His creativity is un matched and amazing. If he was hurt in the past it would never show because he loves with all his heart. He'd trust you if you were kind to him and follow you like a puppy, but he's as loyal as one too. He's the most attractive nerd I know and isn't afraid to show it. But man can that boy sing. his voice would make the birds stop to listen. It isn't hard to fall in love with Kyle Don. I know I did.
I could go on forever and it wouldn't be enough. I'm glad he's mine. I love him. My dear Kyle Don.
by One Lucky Gal December 29, 2011
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