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A member of the house full of teens from ages 13-16 (2018). The house has a mini series on YouTube that is free for anyone to watch. It shows how things are as a teenager and the drama and trouble they get themselves into. But by the end of the day those teenagers will realize the importance of friendship and family. This specific member resembles courage, support, and intelligence in the house. His personality keeps the house safe at all times and is the only “normal” member at the moment. Kyle’s talents are reading words backwards and baseball. His go to person in the house is his roommates Trey CH and Brennan CH , they could always get along. His also go to person is his current girlfriend Genevieve who he met in art class. All in all, Kyle Holmes is a doppelgänger of famous Stranger Things cast member, Noah Schnapp, people have had trouble finding the difference between these two.
Kyle CH - “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
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by unknown CH May 29, 2018
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