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A man who is amazing. Normally an Irish man with a lot of hair, sometimes with a reddish beard depending on the season. His build is of an athlete, roughly around 6 feet tall with dark blond or brown hair. He replicates the most interesting man in the world. His knowledge of Kung Fu and other martial arts is phenomenal. Normally uses his fists or Bo Staff to defeat his enemies. Though he has many friends, his love for them are all different in the best of ways. Anything that he can't overcome he will overcome anyways. He is a master at sports, usually rugby, soccer and volleyball. He is a philosophical genius and uses the art of meditation, sometimes days at a time, to find his inner-self.
Did you see that man? Ya, he looked like a Kyle Boyer.

Did you see that fight, it was like Kyle Boyer was fighting!

The most interesting man in the world, oh you mean Kyle Boyer.

That man is such a Kyle Boyer.

That was a Kyle Boyer play.
by Clutch Novicane September 23, 2010
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