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kʊθi: tʃʌmɑ:t

noun, verb

This one is 'desi' slang. (Don't make me explain the word 'desi' now!)

Lexicographically, it is a literal translation of 'bitch slap' into Urdu. Bitch = Kutti and Slap = Chamaat

Kutti Chamaat quite simply means Bitch Slap and can be used in the same way, though with a lot more swag.
As a noun:
1. a metaphorical sharp blow or smack: (I will give you a kutti chamaat if you don't shut up)
2. an actual sharp blow or smack: (Ok, this kutti chamaat is for not shutting up in time!)
3. an insult or abuse: (Barfi is such a kutti chamaat to Bollywood films)

As a verb (used with object)

4. to strike sharply: (I seriously wanna kutti chamaat Bella!)

5. to dash or cast forcibly: (I will kutti chamaat you into going to the gay bar with me)
6. to put or place promptly and sometimes haphazardly (often followed by on or onto): (She kutti chamaated mustard onto her hotdog cuz she was in hurry)
by Desi Girl September 18, 2012
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