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Kung Fu Vampire | Kung foo Vampyr
noun (pl. -nos)
A mysterious creature of the night, inspiring without permission, creating affluence amongst the undead, The Yin and Yang of Fang.

ORIGIN: Sicilian Born (1886) Symphonic Composer died in 1977 re-animated sometime between the release of Star Wars episode 4 and the death of Elvis Presley.

PRESENT: A gothic orchestrated hip hop group formed in
the year 2000. This band blends rap lyrics over live Symphony, Jazz and Drum N Bass. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area Kung Fu Vampire features Cello, Violin, Fire & Belly Dancers, The Santour (dulcimer),
Keyboards, Singers, a Rapper, Electric Upright Bass & Drums.
That guy looks different, acts different and glows with darkness, he is sinister and peaceful at the same time, maybe it's the Kung Fu Vampire.
by Kungfu Vampire June 06, 2007
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