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A slang for a mordbid and oboxious Dungeons & Dragons monster. It exists in gutters, sewers and otherwise polluted areas, adventures braving these areas will often face an enraged kristoffer post byriel. Kristoffer post byriels are armed with ferocious remarks and conversation starters used decades ago. This may be a cruel weapon but Kristoffer post byriels true strenght lies in it's ability to annoy it's prey to the brink of suicide.

Surprisingly enough for their species, instead of mating with their kin they will often be found mating with local farm animals or domestic animals in general.
"Watch out for that byriel!"
"I think i saw a post in the stables yesterday"
"My lord that Kristoffer is gruesomely annoying!"
"A good sword or two will take care of that Kristoffer Post Byriel!"
by SpaceHamster January 04, 2012
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