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Kreepy Kingdom, a medium sized and somewhat popular site, started off as Twisted Tales, a small flash site greatly inspired by Newgrounds and JKCinema in late July of 2004. Before the site was created, Paranormal Activities, a series documenting the paranormal and subliminal, has gained popularity from Newgrounds. Just before the site would get its big break by releasing a 6 chapter episode of Paranormal Activities 4 in mid December 2004, Twisted Tales had been hacked by one of the members on the forums. There was no way to bring back the site, so they revamped the site into Kreepy Kingdom, a fast growing flash site. Due to many difficulties, Paranormal Activities 4 had to be delayed twice, making room for a fifth episode. The "first season" of the series will conclude with 5 episodes.
This area is coming soon.
by IceIceBeavis April 19, 2005
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