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Koondoola is a suburb in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Koondoola is a very multicultural area, consisting of Asians, caffas, white trash and especially coons. The smell in koondoola is putrid. Drugs are the main currency in koondoola, as every second house is a drug dealer. by the night there are many coons walking around terrorising the suburb, spraying graffiti, breaking things, stealing things (especially cars)and beating up people for no reason. Koondoola also consists of some 'Koondoola beauty's ', but do not be deterred by the name, as in fact they are only beauty's to the coons they sex. all koondoola beauty's smell and are less attractive then a horse. Koondoola is not a place you wish to be at any point in your life.

Also, one occupant of Koondoola, Alex Mada, thinks he runs the place, this is not the case. Alex Mada lives in his own world and will hopefully wake up from his daydream one day. Best friends with Leanne Spencer, a koondoola beauty herself.
Coon 1 'ey brah we dun goin out to beat up sum wite cunts tonite dard?'

Coon 2 ' yea dard unna just gotta get me sum goon for tonite and call up some lubly singz'

Coon 1 'and summa dem koondoola beautys dud?'

Coon 2 'yea dud'
by unna! October 08, 2011
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