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A "Mythical" being that in their original state is one of the all powerful beings that started this part of the universe. He was also partly rsponsible for the creation of humans, and when all the other immortals had the opinion of "humans are useless" he vowes to live amongst them, in humans form with all memories of his past life blocked by a spell to keep him from knowing. With him gone from the council, this side of the universe became neglected by immortals. The only spirits left were the few that vowed to look after and help balance out this planet. As soon as "The Great Almighty Komodo Monster" is through with being a human he will rise back to power as the head of the council of immortal beings.

-Loyal Follower of KOMODOism
One day The Great Almighty Komodo Monster will rise again.
by Loyal Follower of KOMODOism April 20, 2004
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