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A mother who is excessively lazy and lax when it comes to raising her child(ren). The fostering of an academically competitive spirit is not of concern to this mother. This form of upbringing follows a hands-off approach and allows the child(ren) to do whatever they please so as the mother can go about spending her day sleeping, lounging around, and generally just wasting time. The child is left without guidance or direction and most often ends up down a path of a financially unsuccessful career and winds up feeling emotionally unfulfilled. The child(ren) usually end up being lazy, unproductive, social creatures.. Similar to the mother.

A Koala Mother is essentially the exact opposite of a Tiger Mother.
Dan: "What ever happened to that kid who used to date your sister in high school? David Jones was it?"
John: "Yea, that was his name. Last I heard he was collecting unemployment, living at home with his parents, and just hanging out. I did hear that he recently mastered the new Halo edition on xbox though! haha!"
Dan: "Well, what do you expect. He wasn't given much of a chance with that Koala Mother of his. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
by The Surgeon 315 August 25, 2015
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