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These are considered the cheaper version of the already horrifically douche tee shirts made by Affliction. They are typically worn by 30 something males that want to appear tougher than they actually are. They believe it makes them seem more cutting edge and cooler than the average male. This guy is typically about 30, slightly balding, semi buff (but on the far side) living with several high school buddies and in a relatively dead end job. They may also be a small time drug dealer or bookie! They like to constantly relive the big "scores" of yesteryears and target chicks that are 20-22. Typical first names could be Chad, Chris, Tom, Eric, and Paul. Nicknames could include, Pipes, T-man, Pulli.
Hey man...Be careful tonight! That place will be filled with Knockoff Affliction Tee shirt wearing guys.
by Keeping it real 716 April 08, 2017
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