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A special kind of taco invented by Kirk.
On any given ttatt you purchase one hardhsell taco and one softshell taco and then you proceed to open both up. You then take the lettuce out of the softesell and clear a meatpath in the middle for the hardshell to be placed. Once the hardshell is placed upright in the middle of the soft shell taco you close it up, making a delicious hard/soft taco treat with double the meat and double the tastiness.
Ryley: Yo Kitzul, Devon is a biddie, eh?
Kirk: Yeah, true dat, but I gotta eat these Kirkwrap Supremes that I just hooked up.
Ryley: Word, I am also eating one.
Joss: Me too. *slams lettuce down*
Devon: Boys, you knooooow I'm not a biddie!
Kirk: Fuckin' biddie!
by TTATT Master January 14, 2008
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The art of buying one hardshell beef taco and one softshell beef taco at Taco (Tuesday at Taco) Time and taking the lettuce out of the soft shell one and then placing the hardshell in it thus making a soft/hardshell taco that is amazing.

Named after it's creator and ttatt master Kirk Kitzul.
Devo: You gonna throw your slobbery horse teeth on a Kirkwrap supreme at taco tuesday today?
Kirk: Hells yeah!
Ryley: Man, this kirkwrap supreme is bountiful.
Joss: I'm jewish, so.
by willman the man December 21, 2007
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