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KiraMesa has 2 members who write and record all the music. Alex Michaelson and Sam Callister have been good friends, in and out of bands and musical functions for around 5 years. Originally KiraMesa was going to be a guitar duo, but Sam and Alex agreed that something in it was missing. Early on they tried experimenting with the sounds of the cello, and it quickly became an integral part of KiraMesa. Alex has been playing guitar for about 4 years. Sam has been playing the cello for about 6 years. Between them they also play the piano/keyboard, electric and upright bass, violin, mandolin, drums, and other percussion instruments. Live, they of course only include the guitar, cello, and vocals, but utilize a wide range of instruments and orchestrations to color their recordings. They have played dozens of shows both together and separately, in electric bands, jazz bands, orchestras, symphonies, and solo performances. Alex and Sam hope to make their music a full time career and occupation, and want to share their music and message with all the people that will listen.
ashlee: "i'm going to go listen to kiramesa"
everyone: "fucking good idea"
by AshleeHawaii June 04, 2009
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