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(May also be substituted with any main road in your local town)
The act of lying about ones specific location in order to hang out with girls instead of your close male friends
*phone call*
Me: "hey man, where are you?"
Friend: "ummmm, I'm currently on Kingston Pike driving. Not really sure just driving around."
Me: "uh, well ok. Tell me when you get home so we can hang out."
*call ends*
Friend: "phew! Now I can continue to bang my friends sister in my car while he thinks I'm driving down Kingston pike!"

Ex. 2: "don't Kingston pike me. Bro's before hoes!"

Ex. 3: "Man I kingston piked the fuck out of my friends yesterday. And then I got a bj! Man that was worth it!"
by Fish181 December 20, 2014
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