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King Terio gained control of the throne of Prussia in 1836. Terio ruled with the policy if of "Ooh Ocidere Eos," which when translated from Latin to English is "Ooh Kill'em." During his reign, Prussia's main export was fresh beats, and imported large amounts of buckets. But it was foretold in the prophecy preached by Sage the Gemini, that there would be a revolution. Then, there was the peasant revolt of 1837, lead by a farmer named Lord Diplo. The revolt became known as the Diplo Revolution. After the Diplo Revolution, King Terio of Prussia fled to live in exile in the exotic land of Miami (My-ahm-my) and was later found living in the new found land of Riverdale, Georgia.
Lindeman- "Under which leader did Europe experience large scale financial growth?"

T-snipes- "The reign of King Terio of Prussia."
by go njdevils1 February 11, 2014
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