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An arbitrary unit of distance, so called because of the legendary pub crawl/race of the same name, performed by 6th form leavers of KCS Wimbledon. The King's Mile is the distance from the first pub (The Prince of Wales), to the last (The Crooked Billet).

Unfortunately, there are many potential routes from start to finish, leaving the ACTUAL value of a King's Mile unclear. To confuse the matter, the competitors in the pub crawl are often a bit tiddly by the end of the race and thus have, so far, neglected to note the distance they have traveled.
(King's boy to the landlord of The Prince of Wales):
"What ho, fair publican - could you inform me of the distance to the Crooked Billet from this fine establishment?"
"Aye, sonny - thar be a King's mile ye have ter toil, and it be yonder up yon hill."
by Guy Woodward April 03, 2007
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