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Someone who is obsessed with Koreans/Korean culture. (and isnt korean) That person might even try to learn Korean, make a korean name for themselves, and indulge themselves on anything korean like music (Big Bang, BoA, se7en, epik high, Rain, Wonder Girls), dramas (My Sassy Girl, Il Mare, Windstruck, JSA, A Millionaire's first love), food (Soju, kimchi, bul-dak, tang-su-yuk), etc.

Also, the person will be obsessed with Korean celebrities (for example, Rain Bi, Jyeon Ji Hyun, Seung Ri, Ji Woo Hyun, etc) and will want their significant other to be Korean.
Conversation between Kimchi Wannabe 's
Girl: annyeong haseyo, stephanie! Did you watch the ending of My Sassy Girl?! It was so cute!

Girl 2: My name isnt stephanie anymore, remember? It's Park Jun Ae! And I saw drama 20 times. Did I tell you how much I love Rain Bi?! I want to do him so badly. WE NEED TO GO TO KOREA.

Girl: SARANG HAE! <3 (^___^)
by ashreeayjun June 20, 2009
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